Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team! Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team!

DAY6:Building a Team/Try developing players!

The key points of this article!

  • About enhancing players
    • Ability Limit Break
    • Hidden Ability Evolution
    • Skill Field
    • Boundary Breaks

Have you improved your team's skills in Story Mode, League matches, and Clubs?
I'll tell you more about improving your players and team.
I told you about using "Training" and "Evolution" to make your players stronger on Day 2, right?
This time I'll teach you about "Ability Limit Break", "Hidden Ability Evolution", "Skill Field", and "Boundary Break"!

Oh, I can improve my players even more.
It seems difficult, though...

It's fine! When you enhance players by evolving them from rarity SSR to UR, you can raise the limit of their stats and skills!

I see. So "Evolution" isn't the end, I can make them even stronger.

First I'll prepare an evolved UR rarity player and explain "Ability Limit Break".
With "Ability Limit Break", you can enhance past a player's maximum stats!
You can choose the stats you want to enhance, but be careful because there is a limit to the number of times you can use "Ability Limit Break".

First select "Players" > "Ability Limit Break"

Then choose the player you want to Ability Limit Break and choose the stat.

Hmm? I've never seen "Physical" in the match command selection. What does it do?

Good question!
Physical is a player stat and it affects command effectiveness when attacking or defending.
As you can see on this table, it affects the stats horizontally.
For example, increasing "Speed" under Physical will enhance "Dribble" under Attack and "Tackle" under Defence.

Hmm. So what stats should I increase?

First, this is the maximum number of times "Ability Limit Break" can be used.

Rarity 1 Player's Maximum Ability
Limit Break Uses (non-GK)
1 Player's Maximum Ability
Limit Break Uses (GK)
Ability Limit Break Maximum Uses For 1 Stat
N 4 3 1
R 12 9 3
SR 24 18 6
SSR 56 42 14
UR 100 75 25

So using "Ability Limit Break" on a UR player increases the number of times Limit Break can be used, making them stronger, right?

That's right! So you should use Ability Limit Break on UR players as a rule! Also, I recommend increasing the stats involved with that player's Special Skills! First I'd recommend increasing an already strong stat!

I see. So instead of raising weak stats close to average, it's better to make strong stats even stronger. I'll give it a shot!

Also, every time you "Ability Limit Break", the stat increase value will decrease, so the order is important!

Got it! Thank you!

Next I'll teach you about "Boundary Break".
You can use "Boundary Break" when you have the same player (same first name, nickname, type and Main Special Skill), or when you have a player with Skill Knowledge (Tamotsu Ide).

Hmm. So I can get duplicates of players from Transfers and make them even stronger!

Yes, exactly!
I just told you that there was a limit to "Ability Limit Break" uses, but you can increase that limit with "Boundary Break"!
Also, you can use "Boundary Break" up to 4 times, and the 1st and 2nd times will increase Special Skill slots by 1 each time!
However, only UR rarity players can use "Boundary Break", so be careful.

Oh! That would make them really strong! How do I do it?

First choose "Boundary Break" here.

Then, if you have a player to use as materials, that player will be displayed, so select them. Then select the Boundary Break Materials box and select the player to be used as materials.

I only have duplicates of 1 player now, so I'll give "Boundary Break" a shot! ...I did it!

Congrats! Use "Boundary Break" whenever you have duplicate players to make them stronger in the future!

Next I'll explain about "Hidden Ability Evolution".
When you use "Hidden Ability Evolution", the "Skill Field" opens.
The Team Skills and Passive Skills of some players will change.

The Skill Field?

I'll explain the Skill Field soon, but by using an item called “Knowledge” in the panel on the field, you can increase Hidden Skills, each stat, stamina, etc.
"Hidden Ability Evolution" is an enhancement necessary to open the Skill Field.

I see! Tell me about "Hidden Ability Evolution" first!

First select "Players" > "Hidden Ability Evolution".

The players you can use "Hidden Ability Evolution" on will be displayed, so choose a player.

If you don't have enough materials, collect them from Weekly Matches and the Medal Exchange Shop!
When you choose Begin Hidden Ability Evolution, "Hidden Ability Evolution" begins!

I don't have any "Legendary Drills", so I'll exchange at the Medal Exchange Shop, and... begin the evolution! I did it!

Now the "Skill Field" will open, so I'll explain how to use it.
Select the Skill Field here and choose the player you want to enhance.

…Tap, tap… Whoa! This seems hard!

Hahaha, don't worry! It's not hard!

Choose "Select All" for now!
Then all the panels that can be filled will be filled with the materials you have, so select “Learn” to enhance.

Oh, that was easier than I thought.
The places where the Skill Field branches are the players' knowledge...

That's right.
You can gain that knowledge by clearing Hidden Skill Unlock Scenario!

Okay! Wow, there's so much to do!

Take your time. Try enhancing with the items you have. If you don't have enough, I recommend trying Story Mode where you can get those items!

Right, right. First I'll try out a Hidden Skill Unlock Scenario!

Yeah! That's the spirit!
That's all for today.
Don't forget to list list things you should do every day!

Okay! See you tomorrow!

List of things you should do every day
・Check the announcement! They have new Event and Shop information, and information on players!
・You can get FREE PACK every day!
・Clear daily Missions and standard weekly Missions to get rewards!
・Advance through Story Mode and collect Dreamballs to keep levelling up!
・Watch the advertisement for a reward!
*The advertisement can be viewed from the green Present Box icon on the home screen.
・You can try the League 3 times every day, so give it a shot!!
・Check to see if there's anything you can do in the Challenge Missions!

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