Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team! Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team!

DAY2:Try developing your team! Level up!

The key points of this article!

  • About developing players
    • Training
    • Roberto's Notebook and Coach
    • Evolution
  • About Dream Pot Transfer

So, how far did you get yesterday?

I had fun in Story Mode and made it to level 7!
It was going smoothly early on and I was having fun, but then I got to the stage where I couldn't win anymore...

I see...
Can I see some detailed information about your current team?

It's like this right now...

That makes sense...
I can see why you can't win anymore.So, let's develop your team!

But I don't know how to develop them...

Then I'll give you an overview of player development!
To develop players, start with Training, then Evolution, then you can follow a variety of routes including Ability Limit Break, Boundary Break, Hidden Ability Evolution, and Skill Field.

Oh... This is too hard! It looks like it will take forever to develop a player...

Relax! Since you're new at this, just remember that at first, you can get your team in shape just by doing Training and Evolution. I'll teach you about the rest of development later on.

So for now, try opening Training Mode!
Items you can use in Training include:
-Roberto's Notebook
That's it, just these two!

Roberto's Notebooks can increase player levels by giving them more EXP!
Coaches can make players stronger than the maximum level by increasing the upper limit of all Stats!

Today, let's raise the level of your players with Roberto's Notebooks!

Where can I get Roberto's Notebooks?
I only have the first time login bonus notebook right now...

You can get Roberto's Notebooks in the Story Mode as Victory Rewards, in a Login Bonus, from Mission Rewards, from the Friend Transfer, Club Panel Shootouts, and at the Exchange Shop, but the best way to get them is in the player enhancement Story Mode "Roberto's tips"!
It's designed to let you get a lot of Roberto's Notebooks at once!

And how do I get Coach Cards?

You can get lots of Coach Cards in Weekly Matches on Saturday and Sunday!
You can also get them in the player enhancement Story Mode "All Japan Youth Training Camp".

I see. So I need a lot of Roberto's Notebooks and Coaches to improve my team.

So, let's enhance your current SSR player with Roberto's Notebooks and Coaches you got at the start...

First select "Players" from the menu, then select "Training", and select the player you want to develop.
Try selecting Enhancement Items on the player screen!
Select "Max" to raise the player's level to maximum or "Half" to raise it halfway, and push "Start Training" to begin!

All right! My level shot up fast!

If you've already raised players to the upper limit through Training, you can't raise them any higher, so be careful
You need to do an "Evolution" to raise them further
To do that, you'll need a Drill, but if you have one, try it here!

Oh!! My SSR player turned into a UR! Great!
This will get me through the rest of Story Mode like it's nothing!

By the way, did you do the Dream Pot Transfer for today?

Of course! I'm filling all my positions with SSR players and getting stronger!

Oh, and did you do the list of daily challenges?

Oh, I should get on that...
Well, I'm off to play for the day!

List of things you should do every day
Check the announcement! They have new Event and Shop information, and information on players!
You can get FREE PACK every day!
Clear daily Missions and standard weekly Missions to get rewards!
Advance through Story Mode and collect Dreamballs to keep levelling up!
Watch the advertisement for a reward!
*The advertisement can be viewed from the green Present Box icon on the home screen.

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