(Written by Yoichi Takahashi)
"Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team"
To the Next Stage...


  1. 2022/03/25
    NEXT DREAM character introductions updated.
  2. 2021/12/17
    The NEXT DREAM special site is opened.



A new
challenge for
Tsubasa Ozora

"Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team" was released in 2017 and reached 40 million downloads in September of this year.
In the fall of 2021, new stories written by Yoichi Takahashi were added.
The characters you love join new characters in new places in the game every month.


Tsubasa Ozora's
three new goals!

Tsubasa Ozora continues his journey in Spain.
The Spain League, Champions League, and the Japan National Team...
Tsubasa begins
a new challenge
to be the best football
player in the world!

Tsubasa Ozora's
new dream!

The "comeback stories"
of the passionate
players in Europe.

Genzo Wakabayashi, who lost his chance to play in Hamburg, Germany. Kojiro Hyuga, who experienced setbacks in Italy. Taro Misaki, who gave up on going to France because of the accident. Don't miss the new stories as these three make their comebacks in Europe!

Kojiro Hyuga vows to try
again after his setbacks!
The passionate battle with
his friend
Schneider unfolds
in Munich!
The once lost ticket
to France...
Taro Misaki's
overseas challenge!

New rivals appear!
Featuring many new characters thought up by Yoichi Takahashi!

New players who play in countries all over Europe are still to come!
Here is information a two new players in Paris, France!

two new players
who play in France!
Brazil's New-Generation FW
Birthplace: Brazil
Number: 10
France's New-Generation FW
Birthplace: France
Number: 7
Showcase of Yoichi Takahashi's
character models!


Many of the characters
you love transfer to Europe!
In the "NEXT DREAM" story, many players transfer to Europe for a new challenge!