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Original Character Voice Actor Autograph Giveaway now on!

New players approved by Yoichi Takahashi are appearing in the game!
To celebrate this, we have organized a campaign where you have the chance to win autographs of the voice actors!
In this first part, you can enter to have the chance to get autographs from Takuya Eguchi, Achilleus Romano’s voice actor, and from Jun Fukuyama, Fernando Gardel’s voice actor!

Takuya Eguchi

I’m honored to have been selected to voice a game original character for this renowned Captain Tsubasa game!
I voice Achilleus Romano, a powerful character brimming with self-confidence and ambition. I hope that you can play with him and experience his power!

Jun Fukuyama

I am Jun Fukuyama, the voice of Fernando Gardel.
I feel extremely blessed to be given the opportunity to voice an original character that was approved by Mr. Takahashi himself.
Fernando is a strategist who calmly analyzes a match to unleash an elaborate attack.
I hope that you can see that underneath his cool exterior he has a lot of hidden passion!


Campaign Period:
16/10 (Fri) 16:00 to 26/10 (Mon) 23:59 (JST)

Campaign period: 16/10 (Fri) 16:00 to 26/10 (Mon) 23:59 (JST)

– Takuya Eguchi Autograph: 5 winners
– Jun Fukuyama Autograph: 5 winners
Total of 10 winners!

How to Enter

1. Follow the Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team official Twitter account (@TsubasaDT_en)

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2. RT the specified tweet on our account.

Notices for the winners
* We will be contacting winners through DMs, please make sure your account can receive them.


– We will be choosing winners randomly after the entry period ends.
– Winners will be contacted via Twitter. In order to deliver the prizes, we ask that winners include their name, mailing address, and phone number as specified in the direct message received via Twitter.
– Prizes will only be sent once. If the prize cannot be sent for reasons attributable to the winner such as providing the wrong name, mailing address, or phone number, the winner will lose their eligibility to claim the prize. KLab will not be held liable in the event the winner cannot receive the prize, unless the incident occurred as an intentional act or negligence by KLab.
– Prizes cannot be given to a third party, nor can it be sold. It is also non-transferrable.
– This campaign is unrelated to Twitter, Inc.
– Winners must be following the official Twitter account (@TsubasaDT_en).
* Winners who are not following the relevant official account (@TsubasaDT_en) during the campaign period will be disqualified.
– Players must retweet the specified tweet to enter this campaign.
– Writing “RT” will not count as a retweet.
– Players may only enter once per account.
– Altering the original tweet in any way will not count (deleting the hashtag, etc.)
– Winners will be disqualified if their Twitter name changes within the campaign period.
– Winners will be asked to respond by within a week to the direct message. Winners will lose their eligibility to claim the prize if they do not respond by the specified date.
– We will not be answering any questions about the campaign via Twitter DM.
– If your Twitter account is not working properly, try logging out and logging back in to your account.
– We will not be answering any questions regarding the prize.
– Details of this campaign may be changed or the campaign may be terminated without prior notice.
– KLab Inc. is not responsible for any problems resulting as a cause of Twitter not posting correctly or not displaying campaign information properly.
– We will not be responsible for any damages incurred by a third-party using the post of an entrant.
– All transmission, device, and carrier costs associated with participating in this campaign are to be born by the participant.
– Please be aware that we will not be discussing the details of this campaign (selection, winners, etc.).