Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team! Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team!

DAY5:Communicate with other users to progress through the game smoothly!

The key points of this article!

  • Join a Club!
  • What is Discord?
  • About Clubs
    • Try joining
    • Donate
    • Club Medals
  • Introducing our official social media

I basically get it!
I want some advice on how to play with lots of people and how to build my deck.

I could tell you, but you should take this chance to communicate with other players on Discord!

So, what's Discord?

Discord is an application specialized for games where you can chat and things!
We have channels for every language on the Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team official server, so you can watch videos, etc. about things you don't understand or guides on how to play.
Try and access it right away!

Choose #general-chat from the channels on the left...
Ah, a lot of people are chatting and having a good time!

I particularly recommend the #coaching-help channel.

English is the main language used, so you can get advice from other players.
Communicate regularly and you can progress through the game effectively!

I see! I'll ask on Discord if there's something I don't understand or if I'm having trouble with the game.

Now let's get back to the game!
Next let's join a Club!

I've seen clubs, but I haven't joined one yet.
Joining a club seems hard...

Don't worry, there are lots of great things about joining a club!
First search the Recommended Clubs and join one!

Or you can search on the Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team official Discord server, or Twitter!
You might be able to find a really active club!

Okay, recommended clubs...
Oh! That was easy!

You should send a greeting to everyone in chat!

Okay! “Nice to meet everyone.” That should be good.

Now, choose a Club Effects, and donate coins!
You can obtain increase the effects of things like your EXP, coins and Dribble!
Work with everyone to donate.

When you're in a club, you'll be stronger in normal matches, too! That's a great deal!

That's right! Also, you can get Club Medals by clearing missions, so when you save up some medals, you can get rewards like Black Balls, Coaching, or Roberto's Notebooks from the Club Medal Exchange Shop or by trying the Panel Shootout!

Club Medal Exchange Shop:
Can exchange directly for medals.

Panel Shootout:
Can exchange randomly. (1st place: Black Ball, 2nd place: Club Transfer Ticket)

I recommend the Club Medal Exchange Shop, since you're guaranteed to get what you want.

I see, there are a lot of good reasons to join a club.
When you get strong enough, try joining a friend's club.

You can also try to search for a club that suits on Discord or social media!
Also, you can't join another club for 24 hours after leaving a club, so be careful about that!

Okay! First I'll get stronger in a club!

Last is getting info from our official social media and You Tube!
Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team has a social media presence on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube.
We post information on the latest events, new players, and Transfers!

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Youtube

I'll give it a follow!

We also post live videos and videos of every tournament, as well as match-ups between skilled players KLab appreciates on the Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team official You Tube channel, so you should check it out!

Okay! I'll subscribe to the channel!

That's all for today, then!
Keep progressing through story mode, growing your players, and enhancing your Special Skills to become a strong player!

Okay! I can make a strong team if I just grow my players a little more, so please teach me more tomorrow!

List of things you should do every day
・Check the announcement! They have new Event and Shop information, and information on players!
・You can get FREE PACK every day!
・Clear daily Missions and standard weekly Missions to get rewards!
・Advance through Story Mode and collect Dreamballs to keep levelling up!
・Watch the advertisement for a reward!
*The advertisement can be viewed from the green Present Box icon on the home screen.
・You can try the League 3 times every day, so give it a shot!!
・Check to see if there's anything you can do in the Challenge Missions!

We have all the latest information on our social media!
Follow us on Twitter and get ahead of your rivals!

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Youtube

*Game system subject to revisions and changes.