Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team! Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team!

DAY4:Enhance and transmit Special Skills!

The key points of this article!

  • About Special Skills
    • Match the Special Skills players hold to enhance them
    • Black Ball enhancement
    • Enhancement with rewards for Raid that have the same Special Skill
  • About Special Skill level restrictions in Online Mode Rank Matches

Have you been challenging the League as I taught you yesterday?

I've been playing in League, but it's hard to beat decks built by real players.
My opponent's skills are just too strong. I want to make my skills stronger so I can win, but what do I do?!
Also, I use a lot of Transfers, but my player inventory is full. Do I have to sell them?

I see, then let's enhance Special Skills today!
You can use excess players for it, so you don't have to sell them!

That's great!
Then teach me how to enhance Special Skills!
There are so many Special Skills, I don't know which ones to enhance and how to do it.

All right. Special Skills will be important for Online Mode, so let's master them!
First I'll explain about Special Skills.
There are many kinds of Special Skills and they are ranked from S to C.
There are Dribble, Pass, Intercept, Tackle, Shoot, Catch, etc. Special Skills, so I'll give you one of each!

This player has 2 Shot Special Skills, so the key is to give yourself more choices in various match-making scenes by giving him an Intercept skill, for example.

So can I make the best player by giving them all S Special Skills?!

Too bad! That's not how it works!
With all S Special Skills, stamina will be consumed quickly, so it's important to give players A, B, or C Special Skills, too!

I see... That's deep...

First I'll tell you about teaching Special Skills.
You can move Specials Skills between players with the same name.

Hold onto the SSR players and S skills you get from Transfers, etc. as much as possible at first.

Enhancing Special Skills will give you an advantage in Online Mode and League going forward.

There are three basic ways to enhance Special Skills.

- [Basic] Combine the Special Skills of players you have with the same skills to enhance.
- [For Rank S] Enhance with Black Balls.
- [If You Have the Same Skill] If you have the same Special Skill as a Raid Scenario, enhance as a reward from that scenario.

Black Balls are pretty difficult to obtain, so I recommend using high-rarity Rank S Special Skills!
Enhance rarity A through C Special Skills by combining them.
You should try Raid Scenarios if they're for a Special Skill you have and want to enhance.

So how do I collect players with the same Special Skills?

First check and see if you have any players with the same Special Skills!
Look here to check Special Skills.

Oh! I found players with the same Special Skill!

Then let's enhance it now!

Choose players with the same skill here.
The player you use to enhance the Special Skill will go away, so be careful when you choose a player with a lot of Special Skills!

Hold onto the SSR players and S skills you get from Transfers, etc. as much as possible at first.

You can just sell players without Special Skills.

Players can be used not only in my decks, but also as materials to enhance the Special Skills of other players!
You don't have many players with the same skills, though.

In that case, use Black Balls to enhance your Special Skills!
Use SSR Black Balls to enhance Rank S Special Skills, and SR or R Black Balls for Rank A and below!

S Special Skills > SSR Black Ball
A Special Skills > SR Black Ball
B Special Skills > R Black Ball
C Special Skills > N Black Ball

There are also player and stat-specific Black Balls.
You should prioritize using character or stat-specific Black Balls and use normal Black Balls when you have none of the specific kinds!

Black Balls are hard to obtain, but you'll get them from Login Bonuses and Challenge Missions, so plan how you will use them!
It's also best to exchange for them in the Online Medal Exchange Shop!

Otherwise, you can check Raid Scenarios for Special Skills you want to enhance and try them out!

Now, I'll raise the Special Skill level to 99!

Hang on!
The trick to levelling up Special Skills is to level up the all the players in your deck evenly!
Also, there is a limit to Special Skill levels in Online Mode so beginners can play as well, so first play by the rules and raise the Special Skill level to below level limit.
Even if you raise the level to 99, you can't use it in Online Mode Rank Matches at first, so it would actually be a waste.

Rank S Special Skill Limit: Level 5
Rank A Special Skill Limit: Level 25
Rank B Special Skill Limit: Level 25
Rank C Special Skill Limit: Level 20

I feel like I can win in League if I enhance my Special Skills!
I'll try League right away!

That's the spirit!
Enhancing Special Skills will give you an advantage in Online Mode, so do your best to level them up!
Oh, and did you do the list of daily challenges?

List of things you should do every day
・Check the announcement! They have new Event and Shop information, and information on players!
・You can get FREE PACK every day!
・Clear daily Missions and standard weekly Missions to get rewards!
・Advance through Story Mode and collect Dreamballs to keep levelling up!
・Watch the advertisement for a reward!
*The advertisement can be viewed from the green Present Box icon on the home screen.
・You can try the League 3 times every day, so give it a shot!!
・Check to see if there's anything you can do in the Challenge Missions!

Oh, I should get on that...
Well, I'm off to play for the day!

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