Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team! Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team!

DAY 3:Let's start Challenge Missions Beginner!

The key points of this article!

  • About Challenge Missions Beginner
  • About Leagues
    • League Points

Thanks to you teaching me about enhancing and evolving players yesterday, my team got stronger and I progressed a lot in story mode! I ran out of items though...
I got SSR players for all positions from the "Get All the Positions!
Beginner Support Dream Pot Transfer", but they are hard to level up. I wish it went up faster.

I see.
I have some great news for you!

Press the "Challenge" mark on the right sight of the home screen!

A screen like this will open and you can get the player enhancement materials, Drills and Roberto's Notebooks, here!
I'll tell you about the contents, just this once!

Oh! Great!
I want to know about the missions!

We'll start with Beginner.
This is what mission objectives are like!

First I'll show you the requirements for Beginner 1 challenges.

Clear "Practice Match v.s. Otomo Middle School" story mode on normal
SR+ Transfer Ticket (x1)

Clear "Roberto's Tips" 1 time
UR Roberto's Notebook (T) (x5)

Train 1 time
UR Roberto's Notebook (A) (x5)

Use an SR+ Transfer Ticket 1 time
UR Roberto's Notebook (S) (x5)

Edit Team 1 time
Dreamball (x1)

You can complete this, right?
Try any missions that you haven't done!

Also, you can get 5 Dreamballs when you clear all the missions!

With everything I cleared yesterday, I can get the rewards right away!
*Tap, tap*
Yeah. I got it!
I got Roberto's Notebooks, so I have to hurry and enhance my players...

All right, then keep clearing those Challenge Missions!
You can clear Beginner missions quickly, so clear them all today!

So, here are the Beginner 2 challenge requirements!

Clear "Shizuoka Tournament Finals!" story mode on normal
Toughness Drill (x25)

Get 1 SSR player to MAX level
Agility Drill (x25)

Clear a Weekly Match on any difficulty 1 time
Skill Drill (x25)

Evolve a player 1 time
Legendary Drill (x1)

Clear "Practice Match v.s. Nakahara Middle School" on normal
Dreamball (x1)

All Clear
Dreamball (x5)

You can also do most of this with what I taught you yesterday.
You may not have done a Weekly Match yet, but you can try it by tapping the 〇 from Challenge Missions.
There are some difficult Weekly Matches though, so try them all out.

Okay! I'll give it a try!
Yeah, I finished it no problem!
I can get Drills by playing Weekly Matches.
I should try them out when there's a Drill that I want.

You can do all that smoothly!
Next are the last Beginner Challenge Missions!

Play 1 match in League
UR Roberto's Notebook (A) (x5)

Win 1 time in League
UR Roberto's Notebook (S) (x5)

Get 1 UR player to MAX level
UR Roberto's Notebook (T) (x5)

Get your Main Deck's Total Power above 80,000
Dreamball (x1)

Login 2 days
Dreamball (x1)

All Clear
SSR Transfer Ticket (x1)

Now, why don't you try the "League" for the first time!
You'll be starting Online Mode soon, but that's a tough mode to jump into right away, so practice in League!
You'll play against computer players, but the decks are chosen from actual people, so it will be a good reference for Online Mode.
League is totally automatic, so the way you build your deck will have a huge effect on the match.

Also, many Daily Missions and Weekly Missions include League, so do your best to use your tickets every day!
Press "Play Match" and 7 opponents will appear. Choose one with a Total Power close to yours.

You can also see how your opponent's deck is built, which can help you with building your own deck.
Your League defence deck will be your team's first deck, so look at your opponent's deck and build your defence deck!

I haven't really built a deck yet, though. Will I be okay in a match?

I'll give a simple explanation of League, then.

League is a mode to compete with players all over the world for the top spot.
You need League Tickets to play in the League. You'll be given one every day at 14:00 (JST) as a present, so make sure you play every day.

Players are automatically divided into leagues, so choose an opponent from the same league to battle.
Every week, the top 2 teams from the 3 battles per day in each League are promoted. The bottom 2 teams are demoted.
You can also obtain League Medals based on your performance in matches!

Of course, the rewards get better as you climb to higher ranks of the League, so work hard to reach stronger leagues!

What can I use League Medals for?

You can exchange the League Medals you obtain for players and items at the Exchange Shop, so check it out when you have some medals saved up.
You'll run out of players and Drills you want, so restock here!

Ooh! I got an SSR Transfer Ticket when I cleared Beginner 3!
I also got a lot of Roberto's Notebooks, Drills, and Dreamballs the first time I did Beginner Challenge Missions, so I can get even stronger!

That's right!
If you follow along with the Challenge Missions, you should master playing the game!
Make sure you try the Intermediate level, too.

Okay, I can play League now, too, so I'll keep getting stronger!

Don't forget the list of things you should do every day!

I won't!
See you tomorrow!

List of things you should do every day
・Check the announcement! They have new Event and Shop information, and information on players!
・You can get FREE PACK every day!
・Clear daily Missions and standard weekly Missions to get rewards!
・Advance through Story Mode and collect Dreamballs to keep levelling up!
・Watch the advertisement for a reward!
*The advertisement can be viewed from the green Present Box icon on the home screen.
・You can try the League 3 times every day, so give it a shot!!
・Check to see if there's anything you can do in the Challenge Missions!

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