Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team! Your first week with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team!

DAY1:Clear the tutorial and take on Story Mode!

The key points of this article!

  • About the game screen
  • About the player screen
  • About Story Mode
  • About game systems during matches
  • List of things you should do every day

(Okay, my friend recommended Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team to me, so I've installed it and made it through the tutorial! What should I do next?)

Thank you for installing Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team!
I guess you want to catch up with your friend as soon as possible, so I have some advice for you!

Well, I've made it through the tutorial for now, but what's the best way to proceed from here? My friend is already at Rank 50! I want to catch up as fast as I can!

Okay, don't panic!
Over the next week with me, you'll get much better!

Here are the things you will be able to do if you make it to the end.
- Play in Online Mode
- Join a Club
- Play in the League
After that, you will be able to have fun with your friends!

Oh! I can get this much better in a week?!

Yeah, it'll be fine!
This game has login bonus for beginners, so start by trying a "Get All the Positions! Beginner Support Dream Pot Transfer"!

Whoa! I got an SSR out of nowhere!

That's right! We made the "Get All the Positions! Beginner Support Dream Pot Transfer" to help beginners quickly become stronger players, so you're guaranteed to get an SSR player for each position, once a day. I hope you'll try it every day!

I see. So if I keep at it I will be able to fill all my positions!

Yes! First, aim to fill all positions with SSR players in a week!

So I place them in position... like so.
Okay! What do I do next?

Next, let's get your presents!
Here you can get an SSR which will improve your team's total power!
Now, try playing Story Mode!

Now, try playing Story Mode!

Oh! This is it!
I used to watch 『Captain Tsubasa』 when I was a child, so I love it!

That's great!
In Story Mode, not only can you relive 『Captain Tsubasa』's greatest moments during missions, but you can also participate in "Events" where you will face special opponents, get rewards, do the "Raid and Hidden Skills" mode, and try "Player Enhancement" missions. This time, start by progressing through "Story Mode" as fast as you can and enjoy the game!

I think I can keep on going now!

You've seen this already in the Tutorial but I will go over how to play the game with you one more time!

First is offence.
When you match up with the ball, you have four options to choose from: "Dribble", "Pass", "One-Two", or "Shoot".
Then there's defence.
You can choose from "Tackle", "Intercept", or "Block", but these each work best on certain things, so you have to read the opponent and choose a skill!
In summary, it looks like this

Your opponent will block everything if you just shoot blindly!

Also, players have three types: Toughness, Agility, and Skill. They work like rock-paper-scissors, with each beating and losing to another!
Watch your opponent's type as you play!

So, in Match-Up, I'll try to keep an eye on my players' skills and the opponent's type!
Okay, so today I'll try advancing as far as I can in Story Mode!

Yeah! That's the spirit!
Oh, and I almost forgot! I made a list of the things you need to do every day when you play "Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team"! Think about it as your daily challenge!

List of things you should do every day
Check the announcements! They have new information about Events, about the Shop, and information on players!
You can get FREE PACK every day!
Clear daily Missions and standard weekly Missions to get rewards!
Advance through the Story Mode and collect Dreamballs to keep leveling up!
Watch the advertisement for a reward!
*The advertisement can be viewed from the green Present Box icon on the home screen.

Clear all that and you'll be so strong in a week that we won't recognize you!

Oh! Thank you! That's easy to understand!
I'll try it out now!

See you tomorrow!

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