DCS2023 Final Regional Qualifier Stream Celebration Follow & Repost Campaign Part 1!

To celebrate the broadcast of the DCS2023 Final Regional Qualifiers, we are holding three weeks in a row of deluxe present campaigns!

For part 1, a total of 20 individuals around the world will win a DREAM CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 Exclusive T-Shirt (Misaki)!

Repost (RT) a campaign post from the official “Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team” X account (@tsubasaDT_en) for a chance at exclusive merchandise only available here!

Campaign Period:

20/10 (Fri.) 16:00 – 22/10 (Sun.) 23:59 JST

How to Participate

1. Follow the official “Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team” X account (@tsubasaDT_en).
2. Repost (RT) the campaign post from the official X account.

Repost the campaign post

▼ Present Details

DREAM CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 Exclusive T-Shirt (Misaki): 20 winners
* T-shirt sizes are not selectable.

▼ Winners

– Winners are determined by lottery drawing after the cutoff for entries.
– Winners will receive an X direct message. Please follow the instructions in the direct message and enter the information required for us to send your prize (your name, address, phone number, etc.).
– Please note that your lottery win will be nullified if you do not respond by the date we designate after notice is given of a lottery win.
– As a rule, prizes to be sent by mail are dispatched only once.
– Prizes are scheduled to be sent from December 2023 onward, but this is subject to change due to factors such as manufacturing delays, etc.
– Please be aware that we may be unable to send prizes due to circumstances in some countries.
– In the event that prizes cannot be delivered due to factors attributable to the customer, such as a mistake in or unclear entry of your name, address, or phone number, the shipment may be canceled. KLab Inc. is not liable in any way even if you are unable to receive your prize, except in cases of intentional acts or gross negligence by KLab Inc..
– Only the individual is entitled to the prizes, and cannot transfer, sell, or lend this entitlement to third parties.

▼ Important Points

– You must be following the official account (@tsubasaDT_en) as of the time of the drawing to be able to win in this campaign.
* Please note that your win will be cancelled if you are not following @tsubasaDT_en at the time we contact you about your win.
– You will be unable to participate in the campaign if your X account is set to private, or if you set your account to private after winning.
– As it can be difficult to confirm whether the account is the same if you change account names during the campaign period, name changes make accounts ineligible for the drawing.
– Your win will be cancelled if your X account is unable to receive direct messages or if you do not reply within 1 week of receiving notice of your win.
– If you do not see the normal screen after posting or following, please try again after logging in to your X account.
– Please do not enter with the intention of reselling prizes.
– This campaign is not related in any way to any third parties, including X Corp. or companies operating stores by which this service is distributed.

▼ Disclaimers

– The details and prizes of this campaign are subject to change or suspension without prior notice.
– KLab Inc. is not liable for any damages arising from the suspension or discontinuation of campaign implementation due to issues with operating environment.
– Participants are responsible for all costs, such as connection fees and device fees, required for participation in this campaign.
– We are unable to respond to inquiries concerning this campaign (including lotteries, lottery results, and prizes). Your understanding is appreciated.
– Customs in your nation may require payment of customs duties or other taxes upon receiving prizes. Please be aware that KLab Inc. is unable to pay for customs duties when these are required. Please contact your local authorities regarding duty payments and related matters.
– Prize deliveries are subject to extended delivery times due to factors impacting shipping such as the coronavirus or other international factors, as well as subject to interruption or cancellation of shipping by regulatory authorities. Please understand KLab Inc. is not liable in any way for issues involving shipping agencies.